We are manufacture products for special working conditions and dimensions.

Iron Steel, Plastic, Packaging, Paper, Textile, Machining Centers, Vehicle Mounted Equipment, Chemistry, Energy, Rubber/Tire etc. . We offer solutions to many sectors.

Here are some special application rotary joints ;

Steel Making

Rolling mill machine rotary joint.

Special size and model for Steel Making Industry / Rolling mill machine rotary joint. Complete with yellow body and stainless steel inner shaft model. Resistant to external temperatures. Long lasting sealing parts. It is just one of our special models in iron and steel production lines.


Automotive assembling line

Automobile assembly automation line hydraulic distributor multi pass rotary joint. It is used for the transmission of fluids such as hydraulic oil, grease and air to the robot or moving rotary mechanisms in the assembly lines.


Gress Sealing Application

Grease lubrication line, high pressure swivel joint. Intermediate sealing swivel fitting to prevent torsion between the installed location and hoses, which can be used wherever grease is pumped to refineries, power plants or machinery.


Mandrel Machine Multi-port

It is specially designed model for hydraulic and grease lubrication, shaft opening and closing of sheet metal and plate winding machines in iron and steel industry.