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Swivel joint is a device used to transfer fluid under pressure or vacuum from a stationary inlet to a rotating outlet, preserving and isolating the fluid connection.


Assembling - Step 1/A

Using Types
The swivel joint must be suspended with the help of a crane or a calaskar before the installation, and the suspension must be terminated at the end of the bolting process (otherwise there may be crash accidents).

Step 1/B

Bolt and gasket positions must be made carefully and evenly tightened. The B series swivel joint models are only suitable for vertical / radial operation. For Dismantle the same procedure can be applied backwards.

Swivel Joints


All swivel joints are lubricated before shipment. • All joints with a grease nipple should be lubricated at intervals. • The joints without a grease nipple are lubricated at our facilities and do not require further lubrication during their lifetime. • Joints have a drainage component to prevent excessive lubrication.

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