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Multi-port joints are mechanical sealing components used to transfer fluids from a stationary source into rotating media, and to enable safe transfer of identical or different fluids through separate ports..


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Before the installation, the multi-port joint should be suspended by means of crane or calaskar, the suspension should be stopped at the end of the bolting process (Otherwise, there may be crash accidents, heavy products). Bolt and gasket positions must be made carefully and evenly tightened. M-series multi-port models are only suitable for axial lateral and vertical operation. For Dismantle the same procedure can be applied backwards.
No additional load / weight should be added directly on the multi-port.

Multiport Joints


All Rototech multiport joints are lubricated with bearings, tested and packaged cleanly. However, these headings should be lubricated in the factory, machine operating conditions and maintenance periods. It is important please use high-quality oil for lubricating.

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