Media Type

Water + General Purpuse

Max. Speed

750 RPM

Max. Pressure

15 Bar

Max. Temperature

90 °C

Rotor Size

2 1/2" DN65

4" DN100

Connection Type






Single and duoflow design
Balanced mechanical sealing
Nodular casting housing
Silicon carbide sealing components
Stainless steel shaft and inner parts
Threaed, Qr & flanged connection

8000-T2 Series Model Variations

About The Variations

Please check out our variational models; Single or Dual Flow, Threaded or Flanged, multiple combinations etc.

Repair Kits


Example for code : 8252-233-2323-C

  • Rotor
  • Retaining Ring
  • Lubrication Nipple
  • Sealing Parts
  • Spring
  • Sealing Part
  • Bearings